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Rahul Gandhi says state governments have 22 lakh job vacancies. If elected, he says he’ll make central funds to the states conditional on filling these. He should read the Constitution and the political reality. India has grown enormously federal since Indira Gandhi’s era and the Centre has no such powers.

Yogi Adityanath’s ‘Modi Sena’ remark shocking. EC notice not enough

You don’t expect much political propriety from Yogi Adityanath. But even by his standards, calling the Indian armed forces ‘Modi Sena’ is outrageous. It needs the strongest condemnation, especially from the prime minister. EC’s notice to him is not enough. He must be made to withdraw his statement and apologise.

Left criticising Rahul Gandhi’s Wayanad move shows its double standards

Left parties’ criticism of Rahul Gandhi’s decision to contest from Wayanad smacks of political duplicity. To say that it goes against Congress’ commitment to fight BJP is an excuse for one-upmanship. By that logic the Left should not contest against the Trinamool in West Bengal or against Congress in Tripura.

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  1. Over a period of time, employment in the government proper / PSUs has been shrinking, made possible by natural attrition through retirement, rather than retrenchment / VRS. Beyond this, no one really talks any more of downsizing. In some cases, work is being outsourced to private firms that pay lower wages and fewer benefits. These measures ultimately help the fisc. The fiscal deficit by end Feb, with all manner of adjustments, was already 134% of the budgeted figure. The next government will inherit overstretched public finances, which ripples down to the states and local bodies as well. So asking state governments to fill up 2.2 million vacancies, on pain of death, is terribly irresponsible. At this rate, all government hospitals, not just the one at Gorakhpur, will have no money to pay for medicines and oxygen.


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