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Monday marks the anniversary of the 1971 India-Pakistan war — the only between the rivals which India won decisively. Forty-seven years on, it is a glaring reminder that even decisive wars don’t resolve thorny disputes between neighbours. The search for a solution should avoid war, but from a position of strength.



  1. ‪War is a crucial tool to be used with diplomacy by political leaders to end conflict. 1971 emphatic victory is a classic case of squandered opportunity. History is not likely to be kind & forgiving. Lessons young ?? has to learn. Insha-Allah ‬

  2. Indeed,wars must be avoided keeping the might to fore.The solution should be achieved diplomatically and tactfully as well. But obviously not projecting self like pitiable. Its evident that be various kinds of disputes would occur between the two countries being in vicinity. Sometimes its necessary to take daring steps.I think so.

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