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The BJP’s promise to revise tax slabs and benefits to put more cash in the hands of the middle class is welcome. It makes sound economic and political sense. Especially when economists supporting the Congress talk about taxing the middle class and the rich to fund its runaway welfare promises.

Supreme Court’s VVPAT order is populist, will delay result

The Supreme Court order directing a five-fold increase of VVPAT verification in the elections is more an attempt to appease populist demands than a statistically sound measure to enhance transparency. Experts say EC’s existing formula is more than what’s needed for scientific accuracy. The order will needlessly delay the result.

Income Tax raids should be under Election Commission supervision

The Income Tax raids on opposition politicians and their aides during election season is not only suspect but also unnecessary, especially when the Election Commission is already tracking dirty money in the campaign. If at all the Income Tax department has to crackdown, it must do so under EC’s supervision.

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  1. It is most frivolous to suggest that the income tax authorities perform their statutory functions under the supervision of the CIC. The income tax authorities are quasi-judicial functionaries under a statute of the Parliament and hence cannot be subjected to the authority of any other body unless specifically provided in the tax law.

    • The entire world knows that in India there is no qasi juasi all under the control of ruling party. The officials are handpicked and they cannot even think of going against the ruling party. They can only Dance to the tunes given to them.


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