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Hyderabad police encounter of rape accused and the public cheering can’t be seen in isolation. These come after calls for lynching and mob justice, and choreographed drumming up of outrage. National outcry over rape is good. But empty, episodic anger without sustained work on due process is hurting India more.

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  1. Agree with Ashok. This is warning bell for India’s Judicial System, which is afflicted by inefficiency, inordinate delays and mounting pendency of cases relating heinous crimes. This calls for total revamp of of our judicial system, procedures and structure.

  2. How about rape accused MPs and MLAs? Should they not be “encountered” too? Oh no, we would much rather have them as our representatives.

  3. It’s a split verdict: the heart goes out to the victim in justifying the encounter – fake or otherwise, and the head reminds you of the theory of ‘social contract’, and the due process of law. Well, a tough call.

  4. Must confess to mixed emotions. If our criminal justice system was working, these short cuts would not have been required. In the hands of a shoddy force, the licence to kill can lead to serious aberrations. 2. However, women’s safety is being violated with impunity, day in and day out. One does not recall the level of brutality which is now often associated violation. Someone has to put the fear of God into potential law breakers. For this morning’s encounter, a fistful of rose petals from me as well.


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