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Haryana has cultivated and consumed genetically modified brinjal for two years now, without government approval. That Bt brinjal and other GM crops are in our food chain for years without harm reaffirms what scientists have said: Bt crops are safe. The new government should lift the embargo and help farmers.

Opposition alliance against Modi is more opposition, less alliance

The differences between M.K. Stalin and KCR over a non-Congress alliance after the elections show how some leaders like Telangana CM are letting their ambitions get the better of political reality. Every leader barring Rahul Gandhi appears to be a PM candidate. This opposition alliance is more opposition, less alliance.

Crashing auto sales reflects decline in demand & neglect of financial sector

The approach of kicking the can down the road is beginning to bite. Automobile sales, which depend on loans by both dealers and consumers from banks and NBFCs, have hit their worst in 20 years. It’s a reflection of both the decline in demand and neglect of the financial sector.

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  1. By lunchtime on the 23rd – possibly a little later, because the VVPAT slips have to be counted – the contours of the next government will begin to be discernible. The bar for the incumbent is being raised. Gaining new allies like CM KCR, Shri Jagan, CM Naveen Patnaik, even the mercurial Ms Mayawati is looking a little implausible. 2. In the other camp, there will be an embarrassment of riches. Maybe not PM but everyone wants Petroleum and Natural Gas. The more adventurous might ask for Finance. It would be best for the top job to be decided by numbers, the Congress not taking things for granted. A test of sagacity for the Gandhi family.


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