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Modi government’s pleas in Rafale case in Supreme Court is hurtling from the banal to the absurd. From saying the documents were stolen and invoking Official Secrets Act, it claimed photocopies were stolen. Now, it says even unauthorised photocopies hurt “national security”. The more it hides, more questions will arise.

AGP alliance with BJP is just opportunistic politics

Two months after snapping ties over the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, AGP’s patch-up with the BJP reeks of cynical, opportunistic politics. AGP’s logic that the bill didn’t pass is disingenuous because the BJP pushed it aggressively and Amit Shah even said the bill will be brought back if re-elected.

DGCA took it’s time to act, and that’s not a good sign

India’s DGCA has joined the rest of the world in grounding the Boeing 737 Max. But that it was among the last to do so, swept by the global alarm, is worrying. Safety first should be the motto of such public service regulators, not last as many in India believe.

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  1. My father was an aviator. So I have seen many an interaction with the DGCA. pathetic.

    Do you think there was outside influence from interested parties?


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