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A report on the defence ministry’s concerns over the involvement of the PMO in the Rafale negotiations has imputed more murkiness to the scandal. Defence negotiations must be transparent and it’s no longer tenable to use the secrecy and national security argument. It’s time the Modi government came clean.

Congress’ triple talaq stand exposes its dangerous religious politics

Congress MP Sushmita Dev’s remark about rolling back criminalisation of triple talaq if party returns to power is another example of Rahul Gandhi-led Congress’ obfuscation on contentious religious issues after Sabarimala and Citizenship bill. Congress is playing a dangerous game of running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.

Supreme Court is right, Mayawati should pay for her elephants

The Supreme Court should be complimented for observing that BSP chief Mayawati should reimburse the public money she spent as CM on statutes of elephants – BSP’s election symbol – at the memorial for party founder Kanshi Ram in Noida. Politicians shouldn’t use public resources to glorify or propagate their political causes.

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  1. Why should Mayawati be made to made to pay for the park and statutes?
    Firstly, they serve a public purpose and have become the pride of Lucknow. A huge tourist attraction. The plan was passed by resolutions in elected body, approved and implemented by at least three independent bureaucratic committees and departments.
    Secondly, it is an assertion of Bahujan/ Dalit identity; which has been overlooked for centuries. It is matter of pride that heros and saints of Bahujan population, 85%, are being finally acknowledged for their struggles and uplifting society. We have elephants on our currency notes, on your national emblem should we also remove those now? Why does it always pricks in the eyes of well to do casteist people when historically marginalised people assert themselves of equals. Present UP government spends 1 quarter of entire Ambedkar Park budget on celebrating Ram Nawami, and it do it for 5 years. So it now ends up being even more expensive than Ambedkar Park. Also, unlike public park what purpose does celebrating one day, with overly expensive light shows, celebrati performance and havans serve? That’s also a public’s money but even SC won’t interfere cause it is matter of belief now. But when it comes to Dalits we all are quick to jump the gun.
    And lastly, Supreme Court hasn’t give judgment on this it was an oral observation, which honestly doesn’t hold much value in finality of things. As even SC is aware, this would open the flood gates and set a bad precedent in law. Also if we are hell bent on following oral observations then let’s start with when Court called Modi and Amit Shah as murderers and ask them to resign from their post as in law we can’t have a PM who has committed a heinous crime.

  2. The only way to bring an end to corruption is to introduce NARCO Test to all the politicians and government servants annually. The test must be done along with filing of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR’s) of every employee and for all the elected representatives on the last day of assembly session each year. The Narco test proceedings must be made live to public. By this one can know about the intentions of all the politicians and government servants and also nothing can be hidden on the part of providing unnecessary benefits to others . It will make ensure the bribery acts being demanded or made to the public servants.


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