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Bombay HC has struck an important blow for media freedom by staying FIRs against Arnab Goswami, saying journalists conducting public debates shouldn’t feel threatened. This isn’t just Goswami’s victory or defeat of his opponents. This is a message to politicians and governments of all ideological persuasions: Grow a thick skin.

Chinese app ban aimed at domestic constituencies, won’t affect Beijing’s strategic belligerence

Modi government’s ban on 59 Chinese apps forcefully conveys India’s anger over PLA’s aggression in Ladakh. However, this digital attack is primarily aimed at assuaging domestic, nationalist constituencies. Even economic boycotts by one of the world’s largest consumer markets like India won’t alter Beijing’s strategic belligerence in any meaningful way.

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  1. If Arnab gets justice then media freedom is damaged ? What non sense of a journalism is this ? Arnab and his wife were physically attacked by 2 congress goons against whom no action has been taken. And the reason for the attack ? Arnab dared to question Antonio Maino about her selective silence on the killing of 2 Sadhus and their driver by a murderous mob while the Maharashtra police handed them over to the mob. The policemen in question have also not been acted against. And Arnab was slapped with over 200 cases in different parts of the country so that his voice could be muzzled. And what non sense is Print talking about ? The Print should publicly declare that it is a congress publication amd not pretend to be some neutral voice.

  2. One praiseworthy feature of India’s relationship with China has been a desire on both sides that there should be a growing economic engagement, not deterred by profound geopolitical and security differences. ( Our large trade deficit is a function of an uncompetitive economy, rather than Chinese malevolence. ) It would be wonderful if similar logic had come into play with Pakistan as well. However the standoff in Ladakh pans out ( conflict be avoided would be my prayer ), it would be in India’s long term interest to forge a durable trade and investment relationship with China.

  3. One hopes all Indian journalists – especially those working in Kashmir – will receive equally robust protection from the judiciary. Print and be damned.


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