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BJP has sought to take credit for the resolution of the Ayodhya dispute, saying it happened during the rule of its PM, Narendra Modi. Ayodhya is unlikely to bring political dividends like before. BJP should avoid the temptation to use it to mask its failures on issues like economy, joblessness.

Ayodhya verdict can bring closure — society wants to move on, hopefully politics will catch up

The Supreme Court verdict on Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case can potentially bring a much-needed, much-delayed closure for all Indians. It is a good sign that nobody is acting triumphalist or defeatist. There is a general social desire to move on. Hopefully, politics will catch up with this desire.

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  1. The judgment is a few hours old. It will take time for all stakeholders to assess what it portends. As an act of much needed closure, it will work best in a tranquil society, where politics is not so intensely polarised and charged around issues of identity. A time for all Indians to be on best behaviour. 2. Now consider what will happen if a national NRC process is ignited. The Muslim community – that should include Kashmir as well – needs a little warmth and caring.

  2. The judgment flows from the quills of five Supreme Court judges. It could have gone either way. To “ claim credit “ is to make the position of the judges a little awkward. It carries a subliminal sub text that the judiciary has deferred to the wishes of the executive. Absolutely the wrong message to create, especially on so consequential a case. 2. In pure electoral terms, who much lift it will generate, to counter the drag of the economy, is difficult to judge. The abrogation of Article 370 does not seem to have worked like an elixir.


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