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The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting says NaMo TV is a special service channel rented by the BJP. Even if BJP reports expenses to the EC, the way it was launched without license shows I&B has washed its hands off the matter and is clearly colluding with the ruling party.

Americans were never going to admit a MiG-21 shot down an F-16

Foreign Policy’s report that all F-16s of Pakistan are accounted for isn’t surprising. Americans weren’t expected to admit that their aircraft was downed by a vintage Russian fighter in Balakot. It would’ve been a setback to the best-selling American fighter, which is also in the race for India’s mega order.

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  1. About this NaMo TV thing, I don’t know why the opposition is getting so worked up. The point is, who’s going to watch it? Only Modi fans who are anyways convinced about him. People who have made up their mind against him will watch it only out of derision, for perverse pleasure. There are no “undecided” votes in the country today who might be impressionable. Five years is a long enough period for anyone to wake up out of a sleep. Modi group has high hope from the first timers and other youngs. They are not orphans, they have grown up in a milieu where their loved elders have had a view about Modi ji. The youngsters may want to be proud of their “independent” thinking, but they couldn’t have not heard of a word called unemployment. The die is cast.

  2. It’s a very important to know the evidence and can comment as F-16 is the best. Once upon a time India also want to buy

  3. Did they count only US supplied F-16s or all including the ones brought from other countries?. I believe they brought some from Jordon too.


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